Union of Cultural Focus Schools

The Network of Cultural Focus Schools (VCPS) was set up in November 2007 with the aim of helping to realize the structural embedment and quality assurance of the arts and culture curriculum in Dutch Cultural Focus Schools in the secondary education sector. The network is an active nationwide platform, in which information exchange, mutual support in development issues and professional advancement play a key role.

Members of the Network of Cultural Focus Schools (VCPS) and visitation

All primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands may join the VCPS as long as they have passed through the visitation procedure and been approved. There are now 45 member secondary schools in the Netherlands, all of which are officially registered as Cultural Focus Schools.

Objectives of the union (VCPS)

  • The Union maintains a nationwide network of Culture Focus Schools, which information exchange, mutual assistance in development issues and expertise play an important role.
  • The Union aims to contribute to the structural embedding and ensuring of the quality of arts education in Culture Focus Schools in secondary education.
  • The Union wants its members to join forces to establish a platform that looks after the interests of the Culture Focus Schools in relation to third parties involved. Engaging cooperation agreements have special attention.
  • The Union wants expertise in art and culture committed for the benefit of general education.
  • The Union is committed to do all that is connected therewith or may be conducive thereto, all will in the broadest sense of the word.